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Our History

The Cedar Falls Woman’s Club sits at the corner of 3rd and Clay Streets in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  This stately home overlooks Overman Park in the heart of the historic area of Cedar Falls.


From the nineteenth century to present, this clubhouse has been the venue for many events- civic, educational, philanthropic, and social.  It has been and is a meeting place for many groups and a gathering place for private parties. It is the home of the Cedar Falls Woman’s Club-  referred to by the club members  as the "House of Friendship."


Throughout the years, this home, which dates back to the mid-1860’s,  has undergone many changes.  Its transformation from a private home to a group facility was one such major change, with all the renovation necessary to make that happen.  A ballroom and balcony were added to the original structure to make it accessible for large group activities.


The Cedar Falls Woman's Club has celebrated 100-years. With the help of grants and individual donations, in addition to fundraising, this wonderful House of Friendship has undertaken another new “facelift”  - one that has restored much of its natural beauty, further restored and maintained its historic value, and provided much-needed handicap accessibility.


Consider this beautiful Cedar Falls landmark for your next event.

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